OskarOskar Craig is a much loved little boy who suffered from a terminal illness and his legacy will be ‘Oskar’s Dreams,’ a charity formed in December 2006, to help fund specialist care for children who follow him.

 Oskar’s Room

The initial ‘Dream’ was to raise £15,000 to name and equip a room in the new Isle of Man Children’s Hospice, Rebecca House. But then we learnt a lot more was required and quickly found out the Isle of Man public were more than willing to help. Since Oskar’s Dreams was created on 4th December 2006, with help from the public and a lot of wonderful generosity, we have now raised over £180,000.

We donated £15,000 to equip Oskar’s room in Rebecca House; £25,000 for a light sensory room called The Dream Room. This was close to our hearts because when Oskar was at Clare House he loved the light room it was the only time we got any sort of reaction from him.


Rebecca House Sensory Room

Oskar’s older brother Jaime had a difficult time knowing his little brother was poorly. To have had a quiet place for him to sit and reflect may have helped and so we felt a ‘Secret Garden’ with a relaxing fountain/wishing well could also benefit other siblings and so our next donation of £15,000 helped provide this facility. £30,000 was given to pay a year’s salary for a nurse at Rebecca House and we would like to keep providing this necessary level of care.

Funds raised come from a variety of sources; from dinners and dances, theme evenings (the 80s Night at Bar George will not be forgotten for a long time), from sponsored events, such as two girls jumping out of an aeroplane with parachutes, succeeding at the 3-Peaks challenge, and lots more. In February 2008 we were so honoured to have chart topping soul sensation Gabrielle perform in concert at The Villa Marina in aid of Oskar’s Dreams, which raised an amazing amount of £30,701 donated immediately to Rebecca House to help towards the day-to-day running costs.

Finally we learnt of the enormity of the running costs for the at home and respite care service. A two bedrooms at Rebecca House it is estimated to cost £250,000 pa and £400,000 pa for four bedrooms in the future.

If it wasn’t for Oskar this charity would not have been formed and been able to provide so much to a such an important cause. Even though Oskar will not get to use Rebecca House facilities, other seriously ill children will and any donation will benefit one or more of the families who desperately need respite care, whether at home or within Rebecca House..

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